Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memorable Week

Funny how this turns out to be the very first post...I'm sitting in the Atlanta Airport (Hartsfield) waiting to board my flight back to Oklahoma City. I wasn't scheduled to come home until Friday, but I got a call my from beautiful daughter-in-law telling me she has been having labor contractions every 20 minutes for the last 12 hours or so. On Monday of this week, she came off the medication that had been prescribed months ago to stop contractions. I suppose the doctors think 36 weeks is fine. I am good with it as long as my next grandson is healthy :)

I won't be land in Oklahoma until 8 tonight, but hopefully nothing will happen before I get there. I'm going to be fine even if she doesn't give birth tonight...It was time for me to come home.

Imagine if this is the week he's born. What a memorable week...the presidential election on Tuesday of historic proportions. I am truly excited
to see the changes that will happen under Obama. I am thrilled I was alive to watch Martin Luther King Jr's dream finally come true.

I'm excited to see Ethan. I am going to shower him with affection as he needs to know how special he is to me! Not sure what special present he's going to get, but that's definitely on my list of things to do before Grandson # 2 gets here.
More details later....

****By the way, the picture above was taken by my very dear friend, LaShawna. Check out her website and schedule your family pictures today! She rocks!!!

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