Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where Have I Been?

....well, it's hard to believe February is almost over. The month flew by. I need to be better about posting, but quite frankly, I've been so busy with my organization classes, I haven't had much time. but that's no excuse.
here's a sample of what I've done:

Before and after.... it is my plan to utilize the cabinetry in my office for scrapbooking and I'm thinking of making this drawer a place to store my tools, etc. I am going to "standing up" to crop a try. We shall see :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 my internet just came back up...
Talk about going stir crazy!!! A mean, sure I scrapbooked, but if I don't have the internet for looking up designs, etc., I'm lost!

Thankfully, the sun is shining today and we're supposed to get up to 38 degrees...give or take a digit. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for summer.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Office

I've decided to make the cabinets above my desk my in-class project for the Organizing 101. These cabinets have always had just "whatever" stored inside....and I've come to realize it's a terrible waste of premium storage space.

I'm ditching the 20 year old college text books as well as the unused daily planner pages from pre 2007. [I had good intentions...]

Aby suggested I think about removing the doors of the cabinets making the items more easily accessible. I'm on the hunt for just the right storage container...
will post more later!

Friday, January 16, 2009

She Can Drive

My baby turned 15.5 on the 8th and she passed her written leaner's permit test on the first attempt. Lord have mercy - are the streets safe now?? She's really doing pretty good. I'm very proud of her! Time sure flies though:

Brings a tear to my eyes!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Organized & Be Inspired

so.. of late, I've been pretty preoccupied with my scrapbooking addiction. Since starting the class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, I've been totally consumed with getting things organized in a systematic way that ultimately leads to kicking out pages. I've got so many current photos that i want to get in albums and that doesn't include all the heritage photos I have of moms.

I do feel like I'm prorgressing according to plan, though.
One of our first assignments was to create a mission statement on why we scrapbook.
I scrapbook to honor family members - both my living family and those that have passed.I also do it to help remember life...every day life as well as special events. The special vacations, like Italy, Germany, etc. and also to have fun with my friends; to spend time on "me".

One of last week's assignment was to document the steps taken to create a scrapbook page. My responses to the quiz in the workbook brought awareness to my approach to scrapbooking. The more I recognize how I naturally approach it, the easier it will be for me to develop an organized space - which is, after all, the main reason I am enrolled in the class.
Here's the page I created:

Design was crop-lifted, of course, because I have no creativity.
I'm going to work on that....
This is a picture from circa 1950 when my mother was in the second grade.
I'm anxious to share this with her.....

That's it for now.
Thanks for stopping by!