Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Organizing Revolution – Week 2

Week two challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons is The Kitchen. I took on the challenge and kicked it into high gear over the weekend. I don't have a lot of space in this old house's kitchen; but I do the best with what I have trust me, it's come a long way over the years.  

So here we go....
One cabinet needing attention pretty bad was under the cook-top stove.  I decided to pull everything out and relocate the seasonal items in an cabinet I have in the "Office/Party Room".

I also started a box to take to good will and I think I even threw some things out...
Here's a pic with everything on the floor.

This also includes an adjacent cabinet's contents... I forgot to take a picture of the before, but trust needed attention too.

much much better!

I don't have a pantry, so food is kept in couple different places. The only organization I think I had before was that the canned goods got thrown in down here:
It always seems to get disorganized just isn't the best space.  I'm thinking about ordering this from Amazon.

still thinking about it though.... need to measure and need to evaluate if it takes up more space than in the mean time, here's what I did: 
Above this cabinet is where we keep the snacks, dry foods, etc.. (heavy on the et cetera) 
Here is a shot from across the room..before/after:
 (please pretend the pictures look professionally captured and not snapped by the average beancounter from Oklahoma)

Here's a before and after of the refrigerator:

One more before and after, the silverware drawer:

I still have some cleaning to do and I'll try to get that done tonight, but I did get some things crossed off my To-Do List, so this has been a victory for me.  I really enjoy getting ideas from everyone that participates, so thanks for sharing your blog/pinterest with me!

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