Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday's Couponing Adventure

The sales clerks at my local CVS Store are used to seeing me on Sundays. I'm sure I'm not the only "couponer" that frequents the store each Sunday....especially when you get things for next to nothing!

While this week's savings wasn't as big as I've been able to get in the past, my purchase included things we really needed and because they were on sale and I had a coupon, it was a deal :)

Just as The Krazy Coupon Lady's website explains, I strategically arranged my purchase into a couple different transactions this time to get the most in product with the least out-of-pocket expense. I started with $9 in Extra Care Bucks, bought $71.41 in products (picture below), and paid $41.91 + tax.  That's a 41.37% savings and I'm pleased with that. 

I'm digging the Covergirl makeup sale - buy one at regular, get one 50%. and with a $1 manufacture's coupon, I was able to get 4 items for $27.96...about a 30% savings.

forgot the 2 pkgs of M&Ms sitting on counter...

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